Advantages of Handheld Vacuums Over Regular Uprights and Canisters

Handheld Vacuum CleanerApartment or house, big or small, carpet or hardwood… your home NEEDS a vacuum. Possibly, even more than one. But definitely, if your living space is on the smaller side, or you live solo and/or don’t spend a lot of time at home, big expensive vacuums may be downright overkill. In fact, opting for a handheld vacuum over a regular upright or canister model may be your best option. Here’s why:

  • Less expensive: Hey, in today’s society, saving a buck is the bottom line for most of us, right? Handheld models are, on average, significantly less costly than their standard upright counterparts. And, let’s not forget that most will have no bags to constantly replace, and some will even run on mere battery power.
  • Smaller: Small place, small space, so small vacuum. Especially for those of us who call an apartment home; space is an issue. You don’t want to be running down to the storage locker every time you need to vacuum a little, right? Smaller handhelds vacuums are perfect for tucking away into a closet and still leaving plenty of room for other belongings.
  • Versatile: Handheld vacuums are great for getting into the little corners and the other awkward places. And if your living space is small, a handheld model can be quite adequate for going over the floors of your main living area, as well. If you fall into the category of a renter, a sole inhabitant, or someone who isn’t at home often, simply keeping the problem areas clean (in front of the couch, your pet’s eating area, etc.) is quite enough.
  • Convenience: There’s no doubt about it: holding a light little whirring appliance that sucks up dirt feels like MUCH less of a task than lugging out that big ol’ canister on wheels. It actually makes cleaning feel a little bit fun. Most of us do get a certain satisfaction out of watching a vacuum suck the dirt out of the unclean areas. This satisfaction is easier, and maximized, with a handheld vacuum.
  • Portable: To your home… and beyond. It’s a tool you can bring with you virtually anywhere. OK, so they don’t quite make a holster for it, but having one to carry it in isn’t a bad idea. Bringing it over to a friend or family member’s place whenever they need a hand makes you as awesome as a superhero… of some sort.

And, after all, these are just a few of the reasons why a handheld vacuum may be advantageous over a typical upright or canister option. Most likely, you can think of a few of your own based on your individual, unique situation. But the most important reason to remember is that, from an investment perspective, a handheld vacuum has every last advantage that the larger upright models have; just be sure to read some reviews from on the best handheld vacuums and the criteria to look at when buying one.

As an appliance, it will be accompanied by a warranty; this means you are GUARANTEED to get some good use out of it. Also don’t forget: life is constantly changing. You will upgrade your living space at some point, and when you do, you’ll probably get a bigger vacuum… but your smaller handheld one will STILL have, and serve, its own purposes. Here is a guide on finding a handheld vacuum that’s best suited for your home.

Choosing a Good Pet Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Dog HairIt is wonderful to keep pets at home. They enrich our lives and are fun to play with.

However, pet hair grows, dries and falls every other day to every surface that the pet touches with its body.

This may be in the car, on the furniture or on the carpet. You need to live in a clean house without hair everywhere.

Furthermore, if you suffer from allergies, you need to make pet hair vacuuming a priority for the sake of your health.

Why do you need a special pet hair vacuum?

It is hard to remove hair with the standard suction cleaner. This is because pet hair tends to clog the cleaner bags. Thus, it becomes so hard to empty the bag and reduces the suction power.

Furthermore, most vacuum exhaust systems tend to blow the hair away before you suction it. This renders your vacuuming efforts useless. Finally, certain types of dog hair tends to get embedded onto carpets and leather surfaces, which can be rectified using a “dog hair vacuum” or vacuum designed specifically for dealing with dog hair. Standard cleaners are unable to remove embedded hair from these surfaces.

What to look for in a vacuum for pet hair

With the above information in mind, you need to get a pet vacuum that will be up to the task. You can choose from tens of brands in the market. Here are some qualities to look for.

  • The vacuum cleaner should be light and that you can operate by a single hand. This enables you to reach the hard to reach areas and corners with less difficulty. If the vacuum cleaner is big, it should come with a hose to enable you reach corners and surfaces that are high off the ground.
  • Since normal suctioning will not remove all the hair, it needs to come with a turbine tool or motorized brushes that can forcefully remove the embedded hair. In addition, its suctioning power should more than the average vacuum cleaner.
  • Bag less vacuum cleaners are better than those with bags are. This is because pet hair tends to clog the waste bags and reduce the suction power.
  • If you or any other member of your family suffers from asthma or related conditions, choose a vacuum cleaner that is certified by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Certification means that the tool is found to minimize your contact with the hair while cleaning.

Other qualities that you should look at

  • It is also good to look for a system that you do not need to change filters now and then. Vacuum cleaners with permanent filters are easy and cheap to maintain.
  • It may be desirable to look for a system with a rechargeable battery. This would enable you clean surfaces out of your house where there is no mains power, such as vehicle surfaces.
  • Look at the terms and duration of the manufacturer’s warranty. A longer and less restrictive warranty means that your cleaner is less likely to break down in the short while.

If you have visited the dealer for a purchase, ensure that you ask for a demonstration to enable you understand how the pet vacuum works. Moreover, read the user’s guide before operating your system.

Convenient Cleaning: Best Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Healthy living has always been key in ensuring comfort in your everyday life. This begins with ensuring that you have gotten rid of any dust particles or stains in your house. Ever wondered how often this can be done without compromising your routine?

The truth is; most people are bundled up in their busy lives that the only time that cleaning seems to come up is after they arrive home from work and all they have in mind is that peaceful sleep. Well, tell you what, you don’t have to pass your cleaning needs due to the hassle of dragging a heavy vacuum from here to there.

With just the right size for your vacuum, you’ll be saving yourself the trouble and saving up the little energy you have left. All you need to do is understand what portable vacuum to get. Let me help you get some ground on how to choose the best portable vacuum that’s worth every dollar.

Choosing The Right Portable Vacuum

Nobody wants to walk into a mall and exit with a piece of junk that can’t get your needs sorted. It can only get worse with cleaning especially if you end up with the wrong vacuum. In identifying a portable one in this case, you need to consider the following:

1. Is it Handheld?

For a vacuum cleaner, most of the part that would make it portable is the fact that it is handheld. Most of the best cordlesss handheld vacuums are small and easy to work with especially when one feels deprived of energy. This should be the first element of a portable vacuum that you should be on the lookout for.

2. Is it Corded or Cordless?

Many electronic devices require a power source to get them up and running. It’s no different for a vacuum which may come either with a power cord to draw power from a connection within your house or a cordless one. A cordless one would mean that it has a battery that could be rechargeable.

If you are after portability especially during your cleaning, you might want to consider this option. This will avoid the frequent plugging and unplugging you might need to experience.

3. Versatility and suction power

Yes you may get the right portable device but with a low or poor suction power, this levels you down to an equivalent of having no vacuum at all. For this reason, aside from the portability features, a good and reliable portable vacuum will require efficient suction power.

The Right Pick From The Market

With all these strategies in mind, all one needs to do is to pay a visit to the market and see what it has to offer. When it comes to these portable vacuums, this is what can be identified in the market:

  1. Metro series – With its variety in models, Data Pro Portable has been seen to take a high ranking among them.
  2. Eureka rapid clean – this is a bag-less & cordless vacuum that provides satisfactory results when it comes to cleaning.
  3. Electrolux series – Ultra Power is a cordless lightweight designed to get the job done and leave the sparkle.
  4. Dyson – DC59 is a cordless and portable one that offers you the optimum results you need.

Other interesting models that you would like to consider are:

  • The shark series which features a variety like the rocket self-propelled or the bag-less cordless hand vacuum.
  • The dirt devil is another gem that is cordless and offers best results too.

The Purchase Decision

After all is said and done, it only leaves you and your money to do the talking. Without further pursuit on the best portable vac, it is clear that all you need to get you going is clearly outlined in this article. Read in between the lines and you’ll sure be smiling all the way as you make the purchase decision.

Nature and Technology Work Together in Providing Outstanding Wood Flooring Types

Life is more rewarding when you’ve created a home that you love being in. With different wood flooring types, you bring nature into your home, you get something of beauty with warm colors and you also add a lot of value to your home. Just like many other people, I have always been a bit confused with understanding softwoods and hardwoods and how to choose the best wooden floors for certain areas.

Softwood Versus Hardwood

It is the pine or cone-bearing trees like pine and spruce which are softwoods, while the broad-leaved trees like mahogany, oaks, birch and teak are known as hardwoods. Wood lovers admire both species but sometimes opt for the softwoods of the coniferous trees when installing these types of floors because they appreciate wood coming from trees that grow quickly. From an environmentally conscious viewpoint, softwoods would perhaps be a better choice then. Softwood pine flooring is also sometimes used as a subfloor. I have found that softwoods are certainly cheaper than their hardwood counterparts, and while they may not be as durable as hardwoods, they have a reasonable price tag, and today this is an important consideration. With a few coats of polyurethane softwoods stand the test of time well.


Natural Innovative Flooring

Once I was convinced that I wanted beautiful wooden floors in my home I began investigating the different types of flooring and found three variations which I will briefly describe below:

  • Laminate – these hardwearing floors are made from highly compressed fibers which are then covered by an image of wood. These floors are much cheaper than solid wood floors and you get a wonderful natural look and texture of wood. Some laminate flooring includes a waterproof core which makes them suitable for bathrooms too.
  • Engineered – these floors are made of several layers of veneers of wood to create flooring boards which are glued together into long planks. There are DIYers who prefer no gluing or nailing and they opt for those click-together planks which float over a thin foam rubber underlay. This makes installation quick, easy and clean and the planks can be placed directly over hard, flat existing floors. The top veneer is the wood you choose like Oak for instance. I like this kind of wood flooring because it won’t shrink or expand in moist areas. The veneer, which can be about 4mm thick on top can be sanded and treated when it is scratched and this will restore its original lustre. Engineered wood flooring mostly comes prefinished, but if you do your research you will find you can still get unfinished planks which you can stain the way you like.
  • Real Wood – This is the real thing and what everybody would love, but being the most expensive, people look at the other options as a worthwhile alternative. The wood planks of real wood flooring are thicker than engineered wood floors or laminate flooring and they are either nailed or glued down. The boards are made of a single piece of wood which is about 20mm thick. Homeowners like me love the unfinished hardwood because then you can choose the stain color you prefer.

I really love nature and having wood floors is almost like having a gift of nature right in my home. Wood floors are exquisite in their own way, and if you take care of it, you can enjoy it’s splendor and beauty for many years. Just make sure that you have some kind of cleaning regimen that allows you to properly vacuum and maintain your floors regularly and with ease. I recommend checking out some of the best hardwood floor vacuums at Hardwood Champ and picking up the one that fits into your budget. Also, study the different types of wood; each one has its own set of pros and cons, but they all come from magnificent trees that capture the beauty and stillness of nature.

Quick Tips For Vacuuming Hardwood Stairs

Do you have Hardwood Stairs at home that you have trouble cleaning? Does sweeping and mopping seem like the dirt is only circulating and are in fact returning to the stair surface after cleaning? Hardwood stairs and floors typically last a long time, given that it is carefully taken care of.

When it is not taken care of the right way, you might get stuck with stairs that are scratchy and faded for a long time. So knowing how to take care of your staircase is a must for every homeowner with these kinds of stairs.

Clean Hardwood Stairs

The general tips one should remember is basically divided into three tips:

  • Be careful – this is for everyday. Take off your shoes when walking on your stairs. Trim the nails of your pets.
  • Maintain – this can be done every day or every other day. This includes the vacuuming and wiping of your stairs.
  • Cleanse thoroughly – This is for general cleaning and can be done weekly or biweekly. This included the thorough cleaning of your stairs with vinegar or any other solutions to keep the shine and cleanliness.

This article focuses on the second tip of how to maintain a clean hardwood stairs. If you want to keep them clean and shiny, then you must stop sweeping and mopping it, and instead invest in a good vacuum cleaner that is just the right tool to clean your stairs. Vacuum cleaners tend to lift off the dust that accumulates through time and in the corners. Sweeping and mopping only scatters the dust that eventually settles in the stairs again after some time.

Before heading out to the store and buying yourself a hardwood vacuum cleaner for your stairs, you’ll want check out for some great vacuum selection tips.

You’ll also want to  take note of the following reminders that will help you make the best investment:

1. The number one rule is to make sure you have the right vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuum cleaners are more advisable when it comes to cleaning your stairs, since the upright type cannot reach into corners and is more suitable for carpets. Vacuum on the corners in longer amounts of time than you would have in the more exposed surface.

2. The next tip to remember to only use vacuums that have rotating brushes that can reach into hard to reach corners that tend to be the nesting place of dust. In addition to this, vacuums with rotating brushes do not suck in objects or toys that they pick up that tend to leave deep scratches on the stairs’ surface. Rotating brushes only pushes large objects away and does not risk any long term damage.

3. The last and final rule is to remember that vacuuming does not ensure a clean surface for a long period of time. So vacuuming your stairs with a small handheld, say, daily or every other day will give you the best result that you are looking for.

Maintaining a clean and shiny hardwood staircase is an everyday job that is not to be taken lightly. Commit yourself to cleaning and maintaining it; sooner or later, you will find that you have what you have always wanted.

Quick Tips For Finding The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your house, then it is very important that you know how to clean them. Dirt and gravel are the bane of hardwood flooring. They can get marked and scratched even by the finest of dirt if not removed promptly. Although dusting and sweeping should be a part of your regular hardwood floor care routine, vacuuming is preferable because you can pull away the dirt and dust from between the boards this way.Hardwood Floor Surface

Top Things To Consider

Before you go and start searching for the best vacuum cleaner for wood floors, you need to understand how greatly it can assist you in maintaining the luster and natural beauty of your hardwood flooring without much effort on your part. If you are shopping for the perfect hard floor vacuum, then you should consider a machine with some of the following features as recommended by Vacuum Companion:

  • No Beater Brushes: Certain machines have a rotating cylinder located at their head, known as a beater brush, which is usually covered with thick bristles. To avoid leaving scratches on your floor, make sure you choose a cleaner that does not have beater brushes.
  • Compact & Easy To Move: A machine that is heavy will leave scratches and scuff marks on the surface. If you choose a lightweight cleaner, you will also be able to maneuver it easily without putting too much effort. This is especially important if you’re looking to buy a vacuum for your hardwood stairs.
  • Padded: You can also prevent scratches simply by picking up a cleaner that has felt rubber and stripes under it.
  • Wet Mopping & Drying: Consider looking for one that comes with the wet mopping feature. This means that after efficiently sucking up dust and loose dirt, it will also mop the floor to remove spills and stains effectively. Finally, it will absorb the remaining water, to reduce drying time and prevent leftover water from damaging the floor.
  • Handheld Vacuum For Smaller Hardwood Floors: You will not be able to clean corners and other areas with a large cleaner, so it is better to use a handheld one. Using a handheld vacuum is very convenient and will make your work easy since it will require less effort.
  • High Suction Power: If you want to leave your hardwood spotless, you should choose a vacuum with a powerful suction so that it efficiently sucks up any dust and other stubborn substances, such as embedded pet hair.
  • Canister Vacuum For Stairs: If you have a lot of stairs with a hardwood surface it is better to choose a canister vacuum. Canisters are lighter in weight than upright and they are more mobile because they have wheels under them. This way you will not end up accidentally scratching the surface.

Top 5 Hardwood Floor Vacuums

If you want to buy a high quality machine without breaking the bank, here are five of the top choices in the market to give you a clue of what to look for.

  1. Dirt Devil Accucharge Bagless Cordless Stick Vac
  2. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum
  4. Shark Navigator Vacuum
  5. Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum